Koenigsegg is coming to Australia

Koenigsegg Automotive AB has officially announced that Prodigy Automotive, in conjunction with Lorbek Luxury Cars, is now launching its first full service, factory authorised dealership in Australia. The Australian and New Zealand markets will now be able to purchase and enjoy the full range of vehicles and after sales services offered by Koenigsegg in other parts of the world – with full factory backing. The collaboration with Lorbek Luxury Cars was a natural choice. Lorbek Luxury Cars has world class facilities, a fantastic central location in what is soon to be Australia’s largest city, and decades of experience with exotic sports cars and the expectations of this owner group. Lorbek Luxury Cars will provide the perfect backdrop for the Koenigsegg brand. Koenigsegg’s arrival in Australia and New Zealand is long overdue. The company believes that the Oceania market, with its highly innovative and technologically advanced economy, will fall in love with the exceptional engineering, outstanding craftsmanship and world-class innovation that’s built in to every vehicle it delivers. Koenigsegg has been a leader in vehicle technology and development since the brand’s inception by Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994. The company’s first production car, the CC8S, had the most powerful production engine in the world at its release in 2002, besting the mighty McLaren F1. Three years later, the Koenigsegg CCR took the record for the highest speed achieved by a production vehicle; again from the McLaren F1. In 2017, Koenigsegg re-visited this record with the Agera RS, posting a verified two-way average top speed of 447.19 km/h and a highest single-direction speed of 457.94 km/h during a series of runs on a public highway in Nevada. Those were two of the five production car top speed records broken that day. The combination of Koenigsegg Automotive, Prodigy Automotive and Lorbek Luxury Cars is set to deliver the fastest cars in the world to one of the world’s fastest growing markets in Australia and New Zealand. Interest is strong, with deposits already being taken for the as-yet unnamed Agera RS replacement. And with the formal launch of Koenigsegg down-under 21st of June 2018, we expect interest to gain rapid traction ahead of that car’s debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. An exclusive VIP launch in June will be attended by Koenigsegg’s Sales Director, Andreas Petré, as well as a select group of high-end collectors and enthusiasts. Stay tuned and follow for more updates and exclusive launch coverage from the team at Prestige Connect.